Cockroach Control St George

Have you seen a cockroach in or around your home? Even if you have only seen one or two of these nasty insects so far that is enough reason to call Nielson Pest Solutions and request a treatment for cockroach control St George.

Cockroaches make their colonies inside cracks in the foundation and sidewalk, gaps found within walls or between the walls and furniture, appliances, or cupboards. They like tight, enclosed spaces, so anywhere that they can hide away during the day, and have room to breed is a potential spot for a cockroach colony. The colony, or “intrusion” as a group of cockroaches is called, can have hundreds of bugs all crammed together in one place, or spread out in various hiding spots. Cockroaches only leave their group during the day if they have been kicked out, and that only happens when there isn’t any more room. If you see any cockroaches in your home, then you probably have an infestation.

How to tell if you need professional cockroach control St George
One of the first things that tips people off is that they may have a cockroach problem and might need cockroach control St George help is when they notice a bad odor in the home. Cockroaches shed skin, die, and poop regularly, and as their refuse breaks down and is moved about by the colony it begins to get into the air of the home and pollute it.

Homeowners might also notice droppings, streak marks, or even translucent egg capsules on their walls, floor, and furniture, or around food that has been left out overnight, or around water sources like sinks and tubs.

The biggest giveaway that there is a high likelihood of an already existing infestation is seeing a living or dead roach inside your home. One cockroach is too many. If you see a cockroach or signs that you might have them, call Nielson Pest Solutions. We will send someone out to assess your situation and help you make a plan to get the intrusion out of your home with our professional cockroach control St George services.

The different species of cockroaches in St George Utah
There are thousands of different species of cockroaches in the world, but thankfully there are only four in St George Utah, and the surrounding area that require having professional cockroach control St George.
Aren’t sure which ones you have? Here are some quick pieces of information that may help you determine what kind of cockroaches you have in or around your home.

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Cockroach control St George

Oriental Cockroach control St George

Identification: Oriental male and female cockroaches grow to be about 1 inch long. Adult females have shiny, black coloring, and tiny wings. The males have much longer wings, which are about 3/4ths the length of their body, and brown coloring on their abdomens. The males also have four little pointy bits near the tips of their abdomens which are a pair of styli and cerci.

Habitats: Oriental cockroaches will generally be found in dark, damp areas. Around the outside of the home, they are known to congregate near garbage, underneath sidewalks, and in sewer pipes. In the home, they are most likely to be found under sinks, in basements or crawl spaces, in floor drains, or anywhere in the home that might be damp from a leak.

Issues: Oriental cockroaches enjoy a high-starch diet and will dig through sewage, garbage, and other waste and decaying matter to find it. They will also go after any food that is left out in the open, and spread bacteria and other germs that they have picked up wherever they go.

Female cockroaches can produce up to 126 eggs in their lifetime and can mate at any time and in any season once they become an adult. This type of cockroach is known for traveling in groups when the colony gets too big. Cockroach Control St George from Nielson Pest Control can keep those colonies out of your home and off of your property.

American Cockroach Control St George

Identification: The American Cockroach is large (4cm as an adult) and is the second most abundant cockroach species in America. Adult American Cockroaches are identified by their size, the reddish-brown coloring of their body, and an identifiable pale brown or yellow band around the edge of the dorsal plate of their prothorax known as the pronotum. Both male and female adult American cockroaches have long wings, with the male wings being larger and extending a little ways past the tip of the abdomen. Both males and females of long, jointed cerci, the males have up to 19 segments, while the females only have up to 14. The males of a small pair of styli whereas the females do not.

Habitats: The American cockroach likes to be where it can find large quantities of available food. Because of this, it is more likely to inhabit a commercial building like a restaurant or a bakery than it is to go into a house. It will go wherever it can find sufficient resources to live and in homes, it is likely to hang out around water pipes, sinks, baths, and other areas where moisture is in good supply. American cockroaches do not like sunlight and will seek dark, or shaded areas to lie low in during the day. For residential areas, they are known to be a bigger problem outdoors than indoors.

Issues: American cockroaches are known carriers of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, worms, and many other nasty contaminants and parasites that are bad for humans. They get these from their time spent crawling through garbage and sewers. Having them around your home or business is a potentially serious health risk to anyone visiting your property. This species of cockroach is known for traveling in masse into buildings to get away from bad weather conditions. So while you may only have them in your yard for the time being, they might move inside the next time it rains. Having proper cockroach control St George methods in place can prevent that.

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Cockroach control St George

German Cockroach Control St George

Identification: German cockroaches look a lot like Brown-banded cockroaches, except that they are missing the two bands, and instead of two darker bands that run parallel to each other down the length of the body. The males are slimmer than the females and have a tapered abdomen. The females also have an additional set of wings called tegmina which cover the majority of their body and their other pair of wings.

Habitats: German Cockroaches are domestic in that they live almost exclusively inside buildings. They need warm temperatures to survive, and very few if any live out in the wild because of this. However, they make up for their lack of presence in the outside world by being a super nuisance in the inside world. German cockroaches are the most abundant cockroach species in America and many other parts of the world.

Issues: German cockroaches can breed and populate much faster than other cockroach species. They are perpetually reproducing during their adult cycle and can produce up to 48 eggs per egg capsule. Female German cockroaches have been known to produce up to 384 young in their lifetime. They are omnivorous and will eat human food, pet food, and anything made out of starch. They are known to pollute the air in buildings with their refuse and waste, making breathing difficult, and causing asthmatic issues. They also transport harmful pathogens and organisms to humans by passing them onto their food or their bodies while the humans are asleep. Studies show that they can induce psychological stress in humans.

If you know or suspect that you have a German cockroach infestation, don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and call (435) 879-7900. Let us help you take control of your cockroach infestation before it has a chance to get any bigger. It may save you from stress, expensive home repair and renovation costs, and potentially dangerous health issues.

Nielson Pest Solutions Cockroach Control St George
At Nielson Pest Solutions we have established effective and efficient cockroach control St George methods. We don’t use a “one treatment fits all” mentality, and instead focus on individual issues that our customers face as homeowners. We mix our products up fresh before every application to keep them at peak efficiency against these disgusting bugs. Our products are safe for pets and children and don’t leave any residue or odors.

Our methods are thorough, and while an established infestation may take a little bit of time to sort out, we will come back at regular intervals to make sure that we get them good and gone. After we have removed the initial infestation we will continue to do periodic cockroach control St George maintenance treatments to keep any new intrusions from being able to move back.

If you would like to keep the cockroach menace away from your home, business, or property, call (435) 879-7900 today and we can send someone out to get you protected with proper cockroach control St George from Nielson Pest Solutions.