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Wasps, Crickets, and other general pest control with Nielson Pest Solutions
If you live in St George then chances are good that you enjoy warmer climates, and spending your time outside. Most insects, it turns out, like St George for those reasons as well. Unlike other colder parts of Utah where the majority of the insects outside go dormant for the winter, St George’s insect population is pretty active year-round. You may see fewer insects on a really cold day, but they will be out and about again once the day warms up. Some insects will attempt to move indoors when the weather cools, but the vast majority of the insects can get along just fine most days.

Warmer temperatures don’t necessarily mean that the bugs will be bigger, but it almost always guarantees that there will be more of them. Some insects, such as butterflies, honey bees, ladybugs, and praying mantises are good for plants. Other outdoor insects, like pillbugs (rolly pollies), crickets, aphids, wasps, and so on, can be harmful to your garden, property, and even your health in certain conditions. Each insect has their season where they thrive and breed, but in warmer climates, they can stay active throughout the year. The trade-out for snow, it’s sad to say, is bugs.

If you would like to have fewer bugs on your home or property then we invite you to call Nielson Pest Solutions today. We are a company that specializes in specific treatments for all kinds of outdoor and indoor pest bugs. We tailor our solutions to specific problems, keeping bad bugs away from your garden and home. Our products are eco-friendly and safe for children, pets, and adults, and they don’t leave invasive odors or residues of any kind. Best of all, we take care to listen to the directions of our customers and only treat the areas that they wish to be treated. We are confident that without help you can have a pest-free property.

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We use only the safest EPA approved products, applied by trustworthy service professionals with the latest and safest application methods to be effective against pests around your home.

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Nielson Pest Solutions is locally owned, owner operated and backed up with 7 years experience. We show up on time and do the job right the first time. We are your pest control St George Utah!

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the treatment and/or results we will re-service your home for FREE between regular scheduled visits to ensure your pest problems are completely resolved.

Cricket control St George

Crickets and the problems they cause
Crickets are considered outdoor and indoor pests for three main reasons.

They eat everything
Crickets are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter which translates to them eating crops, dead vegetation, fabrics, paper, other insects, glue, human food, and so on. Having crickets outside your home puts anything edible at risk.

Crickets are famous for the loud, high pitched chirping sounds that they create in the evening and nighttime. They do this to attract mates, and while the sound might be considered an iconic part of the great outdoors, it has been known to make sleeping and concentration difficult for some.

Bacteria and Parasites
The biggest reason why having crickets near or inside your home is considered dangerous is that they are known carriers of parasites and bacteria that are harmful to people. Crickets can spread these to people if they have contact with the person directly, a surface the person is likely to touch, or by crawling over food that a person may ingest.

Female crickets can lay a few hundred eggs at a time, so just having one in or near your home could be a sign of a bigger problem about to happen.

A fourth reason why crickets don’t make good house guests or neighbors is that they attract larger pest animals. Spiders, scorpions, lizards and rodents all enjoy eating crickets, and will actively enter your home looking for them if they see signs of them there.

Nielson Pest Solutions takes care of the cricket presence by creating a three-five foot barrier of a cricket-specific solution, mixed up fresh on the job, around the outside of the home and other problem areas. We treat sidewalks, cracks, brickwalls, gravel, basements, bathrooms, and everywhere else where the crickets are seen or are likely to hide.

If you are ready to keep these noisy pests away from your home then give Nielson Pest Solutions a call.

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Wasp control St George

Wasps, despite popular belief, are actually a beneficial bug to have around because they pollinate plants in a similar fashion as butterflies and honeybees do. However, their helpfulness is often overshadowed by their aggressive, territorial tendencies. In St George we have many different types of wasps, and a key factor that most share is that they have a stinger which they can use repeatedly to defend themselves or their nest.

Where will I find a wasp nest?
Every species of wasp builds their nests in a different way. Social wasp species like the yellow jacket and the hornet like to build their nests in eaves or openings like pipes and fence posts because they provide shelter. Mud daubers are a non-social wasp that builds their nests from mud on walls and fences. There are even wasps who make their nests underground in burrows, or within hedges and bushes. In short, you might have a wasp nest just about anywhere, but no matter where you find them, the experts as Nielson Pest Control can take care of them for you.

Our wasp prevention methods.
Nielson Pest Solutions is fully equipped to handle any wasp problem. We have a special wand that can extend up to two stories up to clear away any paper or mud nests, and we mix up special, wasp-specific solutions which we use to treat bushes, ground burroughs, and other areas where they may be residing.

With wasps it is difficult to truly keep them off of the property because unlike ants, which crawl and can be kept away with a strong barrier of product, wasps fly. In order for a product to affect them they have to touch it. Nielson Pest Solutions does free return treatments between our regularly scheduled treatments for wasps so that we can make sure that they don’t have a chance to establish a strong hold on your property. By knocking down their nests and treating areas where they try to establish new ones, it is possible to keep your wasp problems under control.

If you have wasps, crickets, or any other type of insect that is making you uncomfortable we are here to help. Call Nielson Pest Solutions today and we can help you make your home and property into the pest-free paradise that you want it to be.