Earwig Control St George

What is an earwig?
To know if you need professional earwig control St George services we first need to identify that you have an earwig problem.

Like all true insects, earwigs have six legs and bodies made of three distinct segments. They are small, usually no more than half an inch long, with slim brown bodies. Their most defining and disturbing feature is the pair of pincer-like cerci that extend from the end of their long abdomens, and long antennae that protrude from the front of their head near their eyes.

Do earwigs fly?
Most earwigs at first glance appear wingless, but some do have wings. The ones with wings usually keep them hidden under a protective, smaller second wing that looks like part of their exoskeleton and only reveals them on the rare occasions that they take flight. All earwigs, winged or not, spend the majority of their time on the ground, which most people appreciate, as the site of a flying earwig is enough to cause anyone to call an earwig control St George Professional to get rid of them.

Are earwigs dangerous?
Despite popular superstition, earwigs are non-aggressive toward humans and are not likely to pinch with their cerci unless picked up. Earwigs have a misleading name and do not habitually enter human or animal ear canals to lay their eggs. They prefer laying their eggs in subterranean tunnels in the soil outside.

Studies also show that earwigs, unlike many other insects, are less likely to carry and distribute harmful pathogens, bacteria, or viruses. So, while they may look scary, earwigs are not categorized as being directly dangerous to humans.

Why are earwigs considered pests?
Earwigs, especially European and ring-legged earwigs, are considered pests by some because of the damage that they can cause to crops and other plants, and they are considered a nuisance while in the home.

The earwig diet is omnivorous, meaning that they eat plants and meat. They are considered nuisance bugs outside because they eat flowers, corn, fruit, and other plants, as well as enjoy hiding within broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower. Earwigs also tend to defecate (poop) on plants, which may leave a bad odor, and make the food crop less appealing for human consumption. However, earwigs also consume many different types of insects that are pests. Aphids are a particular favorite of theirs. Because of this even though they do eat crops, they are also considered beneficial insects if their numbers are kept in check.

Inside your home, earwigs have less potential for causing damage, but they are known to make people uncomfortable. They secret a yellowish substance with an unpleasant odor when threatened or squashed, and they are unsightly. Unlike some insects such as butterflies, earwigs are not pretty creatures. And while they have a similar utility in the home as spiders, namely eating less beneficial bugs, most people prefer not to have them in their homes.

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Earwig control St George

How do I know if I need earwig control St George?
Earwigs prefer to spend their time outside because their main food source is animal (other insects) and plant matter. However, they have been known to wander into homes on accident or enter homes and other buildings looking for food or sources of moisture. Having one earwig in the home is not necessarily enough for most people to need a professional source of earwig control St George. However, if you repeatedly find earwigs in your home, or are finding large amounts of them in your basement or your garden, then you definitely want to call Nielson Pest Solutions.

We will send someone out to assess your property and see where they are coming from. Having large amounts of earwigs in the same area is considered unusual as they are not social creatures like ants or cockroaches. You may have foliage outside your home or near your garden that gives them a good place to live and breed. Or you might have areas in your home that have more moisture than normal. 

We have products that can help keep the earwigs out of where you don’t want them to be and also provide you with information on where they may be coming from. If you are seeing more earwigs than you are comfortable with then call in the earwig control St George experts at Nielson Pest Solutions.

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Earwig control St George

What types of earwigs merit earwig control St George
There are many different types of earwigs but the main two that are seen around St George, Utah, and the surrounding area are the European Earwig and the ring-legged earwig. The European earwig is dark or reddish brown on top, and lighter colored around its legs and belly. Their pincers (cerci) are long and have strong curves in males, and shorter, and straighter for females. They get to be about 13-14mm in length but are known to be smaller.

The ring-legged earwig is longer than the European earwig on average (12-18mm), slimmer in build, and dark, reddish-brown throughout its head body. Its most distinguishing feature is its pale yellow legs that have light brown rings around them.

Good Earwig Control St George Practices
The best way to ensure that these two creepy-looking crawlies stay out of your house is to keep the bugs that they are hunting out as well. If they don’t see or sense signs of their prey in your home, they won’t spend much time there. Earwig Control St George from Nielson Pest Solutions is thorough. We put a three-foot high, three-to-five-foot out barrier around the outside of the home, and a barrier around the interior wall of your home as well. We make sure to treat any cracks or possible entranceways near your foundation so that they can’t gain access to your home from the ground level.

By treating around the home and in areas of earwig activity we can make sure that earwigs, and other bugs that might tempt the earwigs to follow, will stay well away from your home and family.
Better yet, our products are safe for children, pets, and adults. They are odorless and will not leave a residue after they dry. Nielson Pest Solutions earwig control St George services are family and eco-friendly.